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In 2023 a decade long dream was finally realized when Gayle and Kathleen opened Enchantments Crystal Apothecary Shop in the small downtown area of Rutherfordton, North Carolina. The shop was founded with the mission of helping people live more intentional lives because we believe strongly that everyone has the power to access their inner wisdom and divine potential for the highest good of all. 


To help accomplish this, we offer a wide range of fair trade and responsibly sourced products such as crystals, aromatherapy, altar tools, mantra bracelets, and books that are lovingly selected or handmade by the shop owners. Our aim is not only to offer amazing products and healing services, but to foster a sense of community in a safe and loving environment where everyone can feel like they belong.


Meet the Owners

Kathleen and Gayle both have corporate backgrounds and have enjoyed over 20 years of success in a variety of roles with Fortune 500 companies.  Although corporate work has been very fulfilling, Enchantments was born with the purpose of helping themselves and others live more intentional lives.

Kathleen's focus and passion is creating beautiful sacred spaces with crystals and other enchanted tools from mother nature, designing crystal grids, and helping others self discover their inner healer.

Gayle is a certified energy medicine practitioner and Shaman who studied ancient healing methods from Shamans in Chili and Peru. She is passionate about helping others heal and be stewards for nature. In addition, she has a talent for aromatherapy and creates all the scents for our candles, essential oil blends, and other aromatherapy products available at Enchantments.

Kathleen & Gayle

Business Owners

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